Pack Expo International

- Oct 25, 2018 -

Pack Expo International 2018

Last week, the Pack Expo International Exhibition in Chicago attracted more than 50,000 attendees and nearly 2,500 plus exhibitors within four days. The exhibition cobvers an area of approcimately 1.2 million square feet. Known as the largest packaging exhibition to date. The exhibition will have a certain impact on the development of packaging for some time to come.


The American International Packaging Exhibition is hosted by the PMMI American Packaging Association and is held annually in Chicago and Las Vegas. Since its first successful launch in 1995, it has grown into the largest packaging exhibition in North America and a highly influential professional exhibition in the international Packaigng Exhibition.


Plastic waste has become a topic of global concern. Sustainability has become a hot trend in exhibitions and in the world of packaging. The exhibitors at the show also showed their respective plans and fulfilled the promise of sustainable development. By using recyclable printed materials for packaging design, materials and production waste are reduced, allowing the product to be reused.


British Environment Minister Michael Gove said the government will speed up efforts to control plastic pollution and ban the use of plastic utensils and plastic cotton buds.


In the future, when it comes to equipment and machines, it is more about its intelligence. At the exhibition, a number of exhibitors set up VR on the platform to let the participants bring glasses, and they can experience the process of visiting the printing in the factory. In addition to VR and AR, many companies have brought their new research products to machine automation. A novel experience was having a Nespresso coffee made by ABB s YuMi collaborative robot.


In the future, more and more brands and manufacturers will be troubled by packaging. Because there is a problem in front of it: how to choose and produce packaging to better protect the goods, not to be damaged, thereby reducing the loss of customers and the resulting decline in brand loyalty.


CYW Productions is a professional packaging manufacurer in China. After a long time exploration, the company estibilished a completed system for clients services and product manufacturing.  Nearly ten years, we work with a number of foreign companies to produce packaging, including mailer box, gift box, display, etc. We can customized design the packaging depends on your requirements and idea. CYW aims to make your idea come true.

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