Redesigned On Packaging Box

- Sep 08, 2018 -

Redesigned on packaging box

Packaging plays an important role when consumers choose to buy a product. It can distinguish your product from your competitors. Good packaging is a good marketing method for products. Custom packaging can be the best way to attract consumers without knowing the quality and performance of the product. In today’s fast-paced era, traditional packaging can no longer meet the needs of the public.

So under what circumstances do you need to redesign the packaging box?


First, market expansion. If your company plan or has even decided to open up new markets, you need to consider packaging issues. In the West, packaging design is not only the excellent design result of well-trained graphic designers, but also reflects the perennial research on the market and the ingenious integration of marketing concepts. The focus is on coherence and integration between packaging and customers. In Asia, vivid colors dominate, text is mainly used to convey information, design focuses on emotions.


Second, newly enacted regulations. Nowadays, no matter which country is committed to the concept of environmental protection. And the United Nations also advocates green packaging to reduce pollution. Or, the law will specify what needs to be stated on the package or prohibit it. If your product package is missing or too much, then you need to redesign the package to be on the safe side.


Third, in developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan, brand owners fully grasp the characteristics of human beauty, constantly promote product packaging. Improve the appearance and user experience, so as to mobilize the excitement of consumers, eliminate aesthetic fatigue, and ultimately improve the goal of product sales. When business is good, companies have the ability to develop better packaging and prepare for future market changes. Only by constantly pushing new ideas, companies will get better and better.


Last, outdated packaging design. With the development of the times, people’s requirements for design are also changing at any time. Older people still prefer the product packaging design with bright colors and many design elements. Today, young people focus on the minimalist route and the number of design elements is relatively reduced. If your packaging looks a bit outdated, try to embrace a more modern design.


As a leading packaging manufacturer in China, CYW has more than ten years experience in supplier packing box. Our products exported to European and American market. So we absolutely understand what designed box you want and how to keep it with more competitiveness. Packaging boxes will be customized according to your requirements. You can vision it, we can design it. If you want your product to attract attention on the display stand, please redesign your packaging.

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