Six Psychological Strategies Of Packaging Design

- May 19, 2017 -

The consumer's heart is the ultimate marketing market. The multidimensional nature and difference of people's consumption psychology determines that the commodity packaging must have multidimensional emotional appeal to attract specific consumer groups to produce the expected purchase behavior. Sales packaging is the epitome of marketing strategy, packaging design psychological strategy is a very logical promotional ideas, it not only to attract specific consumer groups from the vision to produce the expected purchase behavior, but also from the psychological to capture the consumer's excitement point and purchase desire.

The psychology of begging
Customer shopping is convenient, such as transparent or open-window packaging of food can be easily selected; modular packaging of gift baskets can be easily used, soft packaged drinks easy to carry, and so on, packaging convenient and easy to add the appeal of goods. Foreign popular "barrier-free" packaging, such as the contact-type judgment identification package with the sawtooth-like identification of the type of detergent; in canned food set "cover in the middle of concave-like proof of the shelf life" automatic identification signs, and so on, they were originally to cater for the elderly and disabled people developed, the results of a wide range of consumers love, it can be seen that the convenience of all people's consumption psychology.

Realistic Psychology
Products, including packaging, its design must be able to meet the core needs of consumers, that is, must have real value. In all ages of cultural groups, the elderly are the most simple, real, but now the variety of elderly health tonic is generally "form greater than content" over packaging. Even if these products can attract accidental gift purchase, it is difficult to win the loyalty of consumers, the lack of long-term development momentum.

Novelty Psychology
Especially for the high technology content of products, packaging materials, technology, style and decoration design should reflect the advanced technology. For example, the use of concave-convex technology production of three-dimensional packaging, aseptic packaging and anti-theft packaging, and so on, can be a novel and unique packaging to reflect the outstanding achievements of science and technology, against the advantages of products.

The psychology of asking for faith
In the product highlight the name of the plant, trademarks, help to reduce the buyer's quality of the product of skepticism. In particular, there is a certain well-known enterprises, so to do products and enterprises to promote the propaganda. Budweiser Company's silver Ice beer packaging has a penguin and factory card logo composition of the quality, only when the beer refrigeration temperature is the most suitable time, lively small penguins will show, to consumers to ensure that is genuine, the best flavor, to meet their faith mentality.

The psychology of seeking beauty
Product packaging design is the crystallization of decorative art. Exquisite packaging can arouse consumer's high level of social demand, the deep artistic charm of the packaging for the buyer is a kind of enjoyment, is to promote potential consumers into the consumer, become a long-term, accustomed to the driving force of consumers. Is the world famous wine, its packaging is very elegant. From the bottle to the box is a glow of artistic brilliance--this is the most elegant and most successful package promotion.

The psychology of seeking interest
People in a stressful life especially need to be relaxed and humorous. A company in the United States printed a variety of interesting riddles on the jar lid of the biscuit it produced, and the product was popular only after eating cookies to find the answer at the bottom of the jar. China's children's food "odd many" corn crisp each pack is attached to a small circle, a certain number of small circle can be spelled into a toy, the more small circle, the more beautiful the toy, the result fascinated by a large number of small customers. People's curiosity often drives them to repeat their purchases.

Seeking the different psychology
Especially young people, like to be different, like to seek differences, seek strange, novelty, and strive to find opportunities to express themselves. This kind of consumption for the target market product packaging can be bold use of taboo color, in the shape of the breakthrough in the traditional, in the logo language wantonly advocated "new generation of choice", in order to guide the trend, create fashion. But the psychological instability of such consumers is elusive and fickle, so the package promotion is a risky and rewarding attempt.
Consumers ' psychology can also be broken down by the criteria of ecological psychology and gender psychology. The multi-level of the consumer psychological market segmentation determines that the package promotion should be carried out from many angles. With the improvement of the living standard of material culture, people's consumption concept is also developing. Today's fashion, may be obsolete tomorrow, so the sale of goods packaging must continue to improve, in the heritage and creativity to seek balance, harmony and unity.
Sales packaging is the integration of the protection function and artistic beauty, and it is a combination of practicality and novelty. The successful package promotion is the producer's mentality, the creator's mentality and the buyer's demand psychology. Commodity sales packaging only grasp the psychology of consumers, catering to consumers ' preferences, to meet the needs of consumers, inspire and guide the feelings of consumers, can be in the fierce competition in the stand out, a shoo-in.

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