The Development Of Packaging And Printing Industry In China In 2017

- May 19, 2017 -

Development overview

Since in the 1980 of the 20th century, China's packaging industry has experienced a 40-year period of high-speed growth, according to the National Bureau of Statistics data show: In 2015, China's packaging industry-scale enterprises above (annual main business income of 20 million yuan and above all industrial legal person enterprises) accumulated total revenue of 1,136,548,000,000 yuan, has a trillion market scale, has become From the point of view of packaging and printing, the demand of society and the increase of science and technology are increasing rapidly. According to the National press and publication of the SARFT data, 2015 China's packaging and decorating printing enterprises 51,000 (accounted for 104,000 of the total 49%), the total output value of 840.62 billion yuan (4.2%), accounting for the printing output value (1,124,620,000,000 yuan) 75%, the entire printing industry has become the fastest growing field.

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