The Difference Between Special Paper And Plain Paper

- Sep 13, 2018 -

The difference between special paper and plain paper

Special paper is a paper with a special purpose and a relatively small output. Special papers are a wide variety of special papers or art papers. This name was gradually spread in the 1960s.


Special paper is very different from plain paper. Since many people do not understand the structure and characteristics of specialty papers, various problems often occur in the application process, resulting in no small waste. We have summarized the following differences:


Texture: A variety of textures are available. For example, the original grain of the linen and hemp series has a rough touch. Which is more in line with the popular rural style of the current packaging. Bur it may also not be able to reproduce fine mesh points very well.


Color: Special paper can be change the brightness and saturation of its color according to customer needs and product characteristics. This is why plain paper cannot be countered by the printing process. Significant differences can be seen by comparing the refractive points when printing strips of special paper and plain paper.


Species: There are many types of special papers. The different fibers are copied into paper with special functions by using a paper machine and are modified or processed with different materials to give different function and uses of the paper. For example: for daily use, building materials, industrial or mechanical use, information, optical, cultural and artistic use, biochemical cutting-edge technology, etc.


Nature: Special paper has strong toughness and very good pulling force. It can be used according to customer’s requirements for varnish or matt, pearl and other surface treatments. Compared with ordinary paper, it can carry more crafts.


Ink absorption: Special paper with a particularly smooth surface, poor ink absorption, and will be sticky when printed slightly. Plain paper has fewer problems in this regard. Therefore, once special paper is selected, it is best to use a quick-drying ink to avoid paper surface fouling during printing.


Since special paper printing uses a special production process, its structure and performance are significantly different from ordinary paper, and the printing effect is also significantly different. Therefore, in order to print special papers, it is necessary to pay attention to effective technical control from prepress design, ink blending, blanket selection, printing pressure and post-press processing, in order to better guarantee the quality of printing and decoration processing of special paper.


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