The Future Trend Of Packaging And Printing Industry In China

- May 19, 2017 -

In recent years, due to the economic environment and the impact of national environmental protection policies, packaging and printing industry slowed down, but based on the development of Internet technology and the rapid growth of logistics industry, but also brought new growth in packaging printing.

Future trends
 1. Personalized customization and short list will gradually increase market share. Due to individual demand differences, consumption habits, packaging printing personalized demand will increase, similar to fresh goods, agricultural and sideline products, such as the product itself to freshness, transport distance has required products, will produce more short single, urgent single. For example: Guangdong Golden Crown of "e-box printing"; Shandong green Love business sugar customization, and focus on the paper cups, tissue boxes, handbags of the printing network are personalized packaging into the development trend of the situation. This new form is a new challenge to every aspect of printing, but it is also a new opportunity. In addition, the rapid development of digital printing technology has also played a catalytic role in this demand.

2. Packaging function upgrade. Through the packaging to give variable information code, the use of electronic tags, smart tags and new materials, such as the use of means to do quality and safety supervision, logistics inquiries and traceability; Variable information code can also make the packaging has a unique identity card, and integrated into the Internet, large data, so that network management is possible; Intelligent packaging, can make information transparent, in favor of customers to understand the items purchased information, is conducive to the enterprise's own and product publicity, promotion. With regard to the upgrading of packaging functions, many new technologies have been introduced, such as smart tags that apply real-time monitoring to perishable items, and so on.

3. Packaging design Innovation. Through the paper packaging processing technology automation, digitization, intelligence, information technology to promote packaging quality improvement, function upgrading, cost optimization to adapt to a variety of packaging needs. Many packaging and printing enterprises have set up their own design and development centers, to increase the product structure, appearance and other design innovation capacity input. But should see in the design innovation aspect, Chinese enterprise still has a long way to go, should strengthen with Japan, Korea, China Taiwan and so on Enterprise's exchange, studies their innovation mechanism and the design idea.

4. The explosive growth of net purchase has promoted the development of Logistics express business, brought great business opportunities to corrugated boxes, courier bags and other industries, and put forward new requirements for recycling and reuse of packaging materials. 2016, China's Express business volume has completed 31.35 billion pieces, the world's first stable. It is understood that a lot of corrugated box production enterprises have opened their own business through the network platform, but the total recovery of packaging in China less than 20%. National Post Office issued the "promote the delivery of green packaging work implementation plan," proposed to encourage enterprises to explore simple packaging, reduce two times packaging, encourage enterprises to re-use plastic boxes, cartons and woven bags packaging containers. Some express enterprises have also begun to test water in this field, packaging printing enterprises should also strengthen environmental awareness, pay attention to the re-use of materials and recyclable.

5. Innovative development of the business mechanism. The strength of the domestic equipment manufacturers and paper packaging printing enterprises, logistics companies in the supply chain, product chain of the joint and line on-line interaction, for the accumulation of large data to lay a solid foundation for the building of Intelligent factory, Intelligent Park and the Internet economy play a role in the demonstration. It is worth mentioning that Tianjin Evergreen in the industry integration on the road ahead of the industry, they invested in the expensive union, the acquisition of Heidelberg assets, and Sairudi to reach a cooperation, and with the Jin Jia shares reached a strategic cooperation agreement, jointly set up "intelligent Packaging and Printing Research institute" to achieve the printing industry chain upstream and downstream integration; Rong Intelligent Management System and intelligent logistics system can help enterprises to build intelligent factories; investment in the establishment of long Rongjianhao will lead to the printing industry in China to the network printing, on-demand customization.

6. The management system gradually enters the enterprise. More and more enterprises began to pay attention to enterprise management system input, especially to a certain size of enterprises, has realized that development can not only rely on the introduction of advanced equipment, but more by virtue of advanced management system to allow people to interact with the machine to stimulate the entrepreneurial initiative.

7. The Enterprise Alliance is holding the regiment warm. More and more horizontal, vertical enterprises to establish alliances. In recent years, the printing industry has become more and more warm, 35 of enterprises or resources to integrate, or co-financing, to form a cross product line or across the industrial chain alliance, hoping to achieve more win situation. such as Sheng Ding Group, Lian Qiang group, Xin Chuan C.p.u union and so on.

8. Green, environmental protection, sustainable development has become a trend. In the process of packaging and printing, the waste discharged into air, water and land has been paid more and more attention by the Government, society and packaging printing practitioners. Each place has promulgated the sewage charges the standard, these standards and the laws and regulations, can help and guide the packing printing enterprise to take the sustainable development path. Of course this is not only a huge challenge to the packaging and printing enterprises, but also to create new opportunities for their transformation and upgrading.

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