The Price Of The Original Paper Is Affected More Than The Packaging Industry

- May 19, 2017 -

As an important raw material, the price of paper has been rising, which has really affected all walks of life. Since December, because of the price of wrapping paper, wine, flowers, lighting, bathroom and other industries prices also rose. Rooster soon, even small calendars can not escape the fate of the price ...
The sheep calendar is getting thinner and rooster calendars are about to debut. It is understood that the current desk calendar, calendars sales are still relatively deserted, but by the price of raw materials, the price of the impact of a large increase in prices on average more than 20%.

Not only packaging companies affected by the rise in paper prices
The most sold calendars price 5 yuan to 12 yuan, desk calendar for 5 yuan to 20 yuan, equipped with a pen and notepad wooden calendar price 35 Yuan Sean 5 yuan. However, most of Fuzhou calendars, desk calendar Wholesalers said, now business is still deserted. "Now calendars, calendar market has reached the end stage, some products have been broken goods, manufacturers also suspended production." Less retail, private companies will be a larger group. Some wholesalers said that the impact of consumption concept, a variety of desk calendar, calendars sales are not very good, customers are still dominated by the elderly.
Although the sales of deserted, but calendars, desk calendar price is rising, mainly because the second half of last year, raw material prices rose sharply. Calendar Wholesalers Mr. Qiu said that he sold the calendar price of nearly two months generally rose 20% to 30%, such as before selling 15 yuan now sold to 18 yuan or so.

Not only packaging companies affected by the rise in paper prices
In the second half of last year, raw material prices rose at least 50%, all printed paper products are rising prices, desk calendar, calendars are not good to sell, now the price is more difficult to sell. Near New Year's Day, calendar, calendar price rise and difficult to buy the spot, because manufacturers and distributors fear backlog are afraid to prepare too much goods. Printing industry paper costs accounted for about 70% of the total cost, paper prices rose, printing enterprises pressure is very large, some printing companies began to restrict the receipt.

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