Thoughts On Packaging Design Printing

- Nov 03, 2018 -

Thoughts on packaging design printing


Oscar Wilde said: Only a shallow person will not take people by appearance. We also look at the face when we buy products. And each brand has been pursuing differentiation and personalization in packaging, in order to impress consumers and win the visual first battle.


People rely on clothes and horses to lean on the saddle, and the products have to rely on packaging. After putting new clothes on the product, this is really sold out. For a business: there is no shiny and amazing packaging, no products that melt into the bones, and the desire to admire people can't appreciate, the purchase can't happen. But what is gratifying is that we are in a period of extremely simple and easy to shine. As long as we have a beautiful and individual appearance, successful orders will definitely come unexpectedly.


Shading plays an important role in packaging design. Different packaging can express different styles and can convey different information. Designers must have their own knowledge of the function and function of shading and be flexible in business.


Black is a very powerful color, it can be very solemn and elegant, and can make other colors (bright colors) stand out.


Black has a noble, steady, and technological image, and many of the technology products are mostly black. In other respects, black solemn images are also commonly used in some special occasions. Space design, graphic design, daily necessities and costume design mostly use black to create a noble image. It is also a main color that is always popular, suitable for many colors. Match.


Black can be defined as no visible light entering the visual range, as opposed to white. White is the light in all visible light spectra that enters the visual range at the same time. If the pigment absorbs all visible light in the spectrum and does not reflect light of any color, the human eye feels black.


Personality is the magic weapon for modern packaging to win in the competition. It expresses the packaging point with vivid shape, vivid color and unique artistic language, making the packaging more attractive and causing people to smile and smile. This fully satisfies the new requirements of people's aesthetics.


CYW’s custom packaging can meet people’s psychological needs. When you enjoy the material to bring us information, unconsciously create a new psychological feeling. The fast-paced mpdern life brings too much mental stress, and the custom-designed packaging is easy and comfortable, and the pleasant living atmasphere has become popular. Contact us:

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