Handmade Shopping Art Paper Bags Printing

Handmade Shopping Art Paper Bags Printing

Handmade shopping bags are perfect for use at shows and exhibitions as well as retail stores. CYW is the market leader in manufacturing a complete choice of custom, wholesale and promotional carrier bags. We takes pride in our ability to have a bag to suit every kind of business and any occasion.

Product Details

custom handmade shopping art paper handbag

China is home of traditional exquisite craftsmanship. Depending on our centuries-old crafts, our company makes a perfect combination with modern technologies. Our handmade bags are made from high quality paper materials from trusted and environmentally conscious vendors. The sturdy material with reinforced top and base offers added strength and durability. As to our design, our overseas design talents work with domestic professionals to create the unique and innovative design to fully fulfill your requirements. Our skilled craftsmanship and persistent pursuit of perfection lead to upscale look of paper bags.


In addition to creative design, CYW is also well known for printing service. We have introduced the latest machines and equipment and offer a wide range of paper coatings. Based on essence of traditional printing techniques, we made our own improvements on the offset printing technologies and color mode. The improved printing crafts ensure the best possible printed results. Also, we have a capacious warehousing unit for safe and systematic storage, so we’re able to get your ordered packages ready very soon.


With our vigilant quality control system, our packages at every phrase of production are carefully checked and only the best quality finished ones can be delivered to our clients. Therefore, our packages has been certified by many prestigious international authorities and highly appraised by our clients worldwide.


We offer the most comprehensive customized packaging solution, includes designing, printing, and manufacturing. If you got any questions, our dedicated customer service team is ready to give a timely reply.

Customized cases are  shown as follows:


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