Eco Recycle Grocery Paper Bag Printing

Eco Recycle Grocery Paper Bag Printing

Grocery paper bag is an inseparable part of our lives. We need them to carry goods we buy from either department stores or supermarkets. To impress customers, most companies want their paper bags to be trendy and eye-catching. Our company is dedicated to design and produce eco-friendly paper bags of different types. It is guaranteed that you can find what you need at a reasonable price.

Product Details

eco friendly recycle Grocery paper bag custom printed wholesale

Our paper grocery bags are made of 100 percent recyclable materials, which feature durability and practical daily use. You have the multiple choices to make from the following options: art paper, coated paper, kraft paper and other special paper and so on. Also, the bag coating comes in different options, too. You’re able to make your bags with the glossy or matte lamination, or with hot stamping like the gold or silver foil print. Quite a few other choices are made available; please refer to the detailed specification at the bottom of this page. In addition, there’re five kinds of handles available, for instance, the rope (PP or cotton), ribbon, flat paper handle, twisted paper handle and die-cut handle. All the products you ordered will be packaged into corrugated cartons for delivery.


We are a company that provides not only quality bags but also the eye-catching design. If your company were in need of professional design for paper packages to elevate the profile, our well-trained design team would like to offer our proposal and practical suggestions. It’s their expertise, experience, and comprehensive service that help our company achieve the continued success and reputation.


The quality control system in our company is very rigorous and has zero tolerance with the products that fail to meet our production standard. 


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