Recycle Retail Shopping Packaging Paper Bag Printing

Shopping packaging paper bag is commonly used in the retail stores, which may affect the brand impression among consumers. CYW follows the requirements of the international market and selects recyclable Kraft paper as a raw material for production.

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Recycle retail shopping packaging paper bag printing

Countless sizes and styles custom recycle retail shopping packaging paper bags are available at CYW Packaging. Newest custom design will meet all kind of packaging requirements. These paper bags are wonderful for retail and grocery shopping. We have three majors of our shopping recycle paper bag category in the best selling, top rated and low prices.

Durable Kraft paper bag

These bags are recyclable, simple and durable. We use high quality Kraft paper and tough handles made by cotton, paper or ropes. Top rated shopping bags as recommended highly as friendly environmental products, these bags are with glued bio-degradable and 100% recyclable with no peculiar smell and non-poisonous. Low priced recycle paper bags are reusable, compos-table, paper handles provide customers to easily carry anything that you package. Variety of custom styles are available according to your requirement.

Environmental protection manufacturer

In the international market, the material requirements for packaging bags vary from region to region, but they all focus on environmental protection and recycling. CYW follows the needs of the market and produces products using green raw materials. For the special printing requirements of customers, as long as you communicate with us, we will meet your requirements to the greatest extent possible.



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