Newest Recycle Shopping Packaging Paper Bag

Newest Recycle Shopping Packaging Paper Bag

Retail paper bags are great options for retailers and shoppers. Our company offers the newest recycled paper bags, trying our best to minimize impacts on our environment. It’s a great choice for environmentally conscious shoppers, which allow them to enjoy the quality life while protecting the natural environment.

Product Details

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Our retail shopping bags are made of 100 percent recycled material and are glued in a bio-degradable way. It’s complete free of any element harmful to our health and anything with peculiar smell. The durable recycled paper makes retail bags sturdy enough to carry heavy items. Also, its reinforced square bottom makes it easy to stand up and convenient for packaging. As to the handles, you can choose the strong twisted paper handles,  the soft cotton rope ones, or the comfortable ribbon handle.


Furthermore, our company has a team of professional and dedicated design talents. They offer you the most comprehensive design proposals, most down-to-earth suggestions and first class service. The paper bags are designed in a simple and elegant style, which is perfect for boutiques and high-end retailers. There’re a great variety of options available for you to select from in terms of the bag size, color and handle. You are also offered many choices of bag coating, ranging from crisp matte look to glamorous foil stamping. Your company logo or slogans can be printed in a variety of colors and unique design.


Apart from our excellent workmanship and design, we take pride in our highly dedicated and knowledgeable customer service. Our service team is responsive to all your questions and assists you with all your needs. 


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