Printing Recycle Folding Handle Gift Paper Bag

Printing Recycle Folding Handle Gift Paper Bag

Wrapping a present is one of the best ways to leave a great first impression on your customers, friends and even families. It’s not all about the exterior package, but also represents your efforts to make this gift really special. Our customized recycled gift bags are well known for exclusive design and professional production technique and the first class quality standard.

Product Details

Custom printed recycle folding handle gift paper bag wholesale

Our company takes the responsibility to adopt eco-sustainable and environment-friendly manufacturing method to reduce the impacts on our environment. Also, our paper gift bags are made of wholly recycled materials, leading to a dramatic reduction of carbon footprint.


Admittedly, it’s the detail that affects our business development. Our quality product never lets our clients down but highlights the professionalism of your company. Thanks to our US-based design studio, our custom-made design has accomplished such a great reputation that allows us to work with more world-renowned corporations.


As to our production technology, our company features the cutting edge modern technique in a perfect combination with traditional craftsmanship. That’s foundation of our business success. Moreover, as the one-stop manufacturer, we’re able to offer a range of products for you to select from. Our monthly production capability has reached more than one million units.


Another strength is our competitive price. Both the advanced technology and adequate domestic labor force make the reduced cost possible. It is therefore that we can offer you a much more attractive price compared to the other companies producing the same level goods.


Once you place the order and confirm you design, your order will be processed immediately. We’ll put the top priority on your interests through the whole process of cooperation and help you reduce costs at every turn. No need to hesitate choosing our recycled paper gift bags and we’ll give you timely response to your inquiry!


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