Printing Clear Plastic PET Cupcake Boxes

Printing Clear Plastic PET Cupcake Boxes

CYW specializes in supplying clear cupcake boxes, box decorations or accessories that are designed to complement the beautiful cupcakes. We offer the fully customized service for global clients for more than ten years. You would enjoy the creative freedom to personalize the cupcake boxes in a way you want. Our expertise and rich experience would make the fantastic cupcake boxes to match your exquisite products.

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printing clear plastic pet cupcake boxes

Clear plastic cupcake boxes are ideal for showcasing your delicate cupcakes. The transparent plastic boxes give maximum view of your cupcakes to catch customers’ attention. Compared to cardboard boxes, the clear plastic boxes are economical and easy to be assembled. CYW manufactures a wide assortment of cupcake boxes to perfectly suit your needs.


For your bespoke plastic cupcake boxes, you can control every aspect of your boxes. We provide the wide-ranging quality plastic materials for you to select from and all of them are eco-friendly and 100 percent safe to carry food. The structure of your clear plastic cupcake boxes is also up to your choice. If you got an artwork ready to print, CYW has the knowledge and technology to immediately work on your custom printing project. If you just had a rough idea, we have US-based graphic design experts to help you turn your idea into creative plastic cupcake boxes. Our range of cupcake boxes comes with crisp color options. The clear windows and inserts are also available to show off your cupcakes.


To ensure the consistent high quality plastic cupcake boxes, we conduct rigorous quality inspection at each manufacturing stage starting from raw material selection all the way to finished products. CYW is therefore an ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified plastic cupcake boxes manufacturer.

Customized cases are shown as follows:


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