Printing Soft Clear PS Cupcake Box Inserts

Printing Soft Clear PS Cupcake Box Inserts

Box insert is a very important part of package for products. They are not merely used to better display items inside, but to protect them from possible damages. CYW. Packaging is a one-stop manufacturer providing assorted packaging solutions to meet all your wants and needs.

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custom printing soft clear ps cupcake plastic box inserts


People typically place more emphasis on external packages to impress their potential customers or encourage customer loyalty. However, insert really matters! They are of crucial importance for safe packaging and peace of mind of your customers. Inserts have done a wonderful job of protecting fragile products or those susceptible to breakages. On the other hand, well-designed inserts can dress your products up. For a little more investment, you can grab the attention of consumers at the very first encounter.  


As most packaged food is fully exposed to insert, the safety of insert materials is a thing customers really care. Our plastic box inserts are made with PET and PVC that conform to the highest standards in quality and cleanliness. In addition, our plastic inserts are fully customizable. We develop the most suitable inserts for products according to dimensions you supply.


We’d love to draw on our more than ten years of experience and make the best use of state-of-the-art techniques to deliver superior packaging services for you. Plus, our resourceful design experts will offer you the most creative design draft and practical suggestions for you. All of our clients have spoken highly of our unique design work and they truly benefit from those artwork.

Our dedicated quality control team is rather alert and pro-active to any issues that may take place during the whole process of production. Their commitment ensures our top quality products and great reputation in the packaging industry.


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